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The idea of volunteers replacing paid staff in smaller community based organizations to collect food for the malnourished kids around the world was strongly encouraged by Mr. Oliver Taeb in 2006. He highlighted the differences that existed between a local level movement and a movement that is orchestrated by traditional power structures like the United Nations, Catholic Church and government facilities. He formed a grassroot organization for baby food collection branches around the country so anyone can donate baby food easily. These places consisted of homes of volunteers. There are 320 of these homes across the nation which some serve a few blocks of a town and some others serve a big city. This food can then be distributed more efficiently to the kids most in need in the U.S. and across the world. 

Since some of the funds and baby food donated  to huge organizations end up paying for the salaries of the employees and their advertisement, replacing that with smaller village or small town organizations or someone's house can account for less than 1% of the actual cost of these bigger organizations. Mr. Taeb believes the idea of volunteer-run food banks for kids ties in very neatly with the need to make the most of shrinking budgets. As we know budgets get cut and the weakest of the society, our babies suffer. "There is no reason in the new millennium any baby should be malnourished and go hungry when we have a diet industry that is worth billions of dollars." Taeb reports.

If you would like to donate baby food, shoot us an email. Many times we pick up the baby food ourselves or you can drop it off at a designated residence of one of our volunteers. If you want to become a volunteer email us, we need many more volunteers so we can make a dent in child hunger in this great nation. We built this site on 11/20/2006 just before the Thanksgiving Holiday. It has now become a tradition that we receive most of our donations by Thanksgiving Holiday. Since 2006 we have shipped 8 tons of baby food to countries like Iran, Nicaragua, Haiti, Iraq, Sudan and Guatemala.

We have also donated 160 boxes of baby food to the residence hubs of illegal immigrants where they fear seeking assistance due to their immigration status. It is estimated that 4 out of 5 children born to illegal immigrants lack basic food supplies. These donation hubs included Dade County Florida, Broward County Florida, Mesa Arizona, Dallas Texas, Okeechobee County Florida, Bridgeport Connecticut, Brunswick Georgia, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, and Amarillo Texas.

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Donate Baby Food

Donate Baby Food

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